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* Life insurance no medical exam for up to $250,000, for up to $500,000 simple medical declaration only and no medical.With our online system you can have Life Insurance cover in around 5 minutes

Life Insurance No Medical Exam up to $250,000

Our online facility is provided by Clements Worldwide, based in Washington DC, USA. They are a leading provider of insurance solutions to expats since 1947. Clements provide insurance to clients in more than 170 countries and are committed to servicervice and claims response.

Key features of our online application form

  • Available to individuals living and working outside of their country of citizenship
  • Life insurance no medical exam up to $250,000 if in employment
  • Buy online for life policies up to $500,000
  • Coverage limits up to 4 million USD or 10 times annual salary*
  • 1 to 10 year terms available
  • Open to individuals between the ages of 18 to 65*
  • Premiums can be paid in a variety of currencies including Euro, GDP and US$.

* If you require cover outside these parameters then please use our ‘Special Underwriting’ Form on this page which is designed for more complex applications that require detailed underwriting.

Policies of $15-$20m and above are not uncommon and we can offer life insurance up to 100 years of age subject to full medical and financial underwriting.

Life Insurance – No Medical Exam – Online Application

life insurance no medical exam