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Struggling to get life insurance because of your occupation or the country you’re working in? We can probably help.

Frequently asked questions about Life Insurance for High Risk locations and professions – special and general insurance quote

Where are you based?

We’re based in the UK.

How do I get a quotation and apply for a policy?

We have an online quotation system up to $4m, the first $500,000 without automatic medical underwriting for applicants under 65. You can cancel your policy at any time. For anything else please complete the Special Underwriting Form

Who can apply?

We specialise in offshore business, we can insure most people in most professions, even High Risk, wherever they are in the world with the exception of US citizens in the USA. Sorry but this is due to US regulatory rules.

What am I covered for?

Life Insurance policies are not all the same, so we use this to the benefit of our clients providing cover where it has previously been impossible.
We usually offer death by all causes, including life ending events as a result of illness, accident, war, terrorism, and political violence. Only in very high risk areas do we restrict cover to death by natural causes.
We can often arrange a separate policy covering accidental death covering a specific occupation and location. The premium for this will be different for different locations and occupations. Critical illness Insurance pays on diagnosis of a range of major illnesses. Full details of which are in our Life Protector Plan Brochure.

How long can I get Life Insurance cover for?

The standard policy ends at age 65 but we can offer policies to age 100 using the Special Underwriting Form

Is there a maximum cover I can apply for?

You can apply for up to $4m online, the first $500,00 without evidence of health. For larger policies up to $25m or anything else you need to complete the Special Underwriting Form.

What happens if I get a different job which may affect the policy?

The basic policy would not need to change, then you have an add on policy we will ask you every year if there have been any changes in your occupation, this may affect the premium either up or down. If you change jobs at any other time you will need to tell us. Failure to do so COULD affect the terms of the policy which may not pay out if you claim.

Do insurance policies like this need a medical and other tests?

The type of protection you need depends on things like where you live, how old you are and whether you have a family. Life Insurance can provide financial security for your family in the event of your death and can be essential when buying a property or securing a loan. Our clients are often working away from home and find comparison websites and standard brokers can’t provide cover online. Complete the form on this page and we will call you back or apply now and we will be in touch with the best Life Insurance policy that is tailored to your needs. For policies up to $500,000 you could be on cover in 10 minutes, larger amounts may take a little longer.

What currencies can I have the policy in?

The premiums and the policy have to be in the same currency. These can include: Sterling, USD, Euro and others

How do I pay the premiums?

The premiums are usually paid by debit card,bank transfer and where possible standing Order. /toggle] For client financial security all premiums are paid directly to the insurance company

Are there any discounts available?

Non smokers do get a discount.

Are any group discounts available?

If a group policy is set up by an employer discounts may be available for all the members of the scheme

Can the policy be written in a trust?

Yes policies may be written in trust. We are not legal advisers. We recommend you take independent legal advice. A list of suitable providers can be supplied on request

If I claim is the money paid out tax free?

It’s tax free when it leaves our insurer and would be for policyholders in the UK, tax may be due if the money is paid elsewhere and any tax due is paid by the beneficiaries of this money.

Is any tax payable on the premiums?

This is called Insurance Premium Tax or IPT, as our clients are all over the world we cannot be responsible collecting this so it the responsibility of the policyholder to ensure any tax due to paid to the necessary local tax authorities.

Will my job or position be covered?

We don’t have a list of approved occupations, we try to be as flexible as possible.

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