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Specialist insurance for war and terrorism, Kidnap and Ransom and more

What is War & Terrorism Insurance?

We offer guaranteed acceptance life insurance! Our insurers provide specialised insurance solutions designed to address the unique complications that organizations face when operating in high risk areas of the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan.Coverage is available to cover the full range of group and individual needs.

As you and your organization make plans to relocate overseas, it is important to become familiar with the unique risks associated with living and working abroad. One risk, which is easily overlooked, is the chance that you or a staff member could be kidnapped during your stay. It is estimated that over the past six years, kidnappings around the world have increased by 100%.

Insuring Ransom Demands – Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance
Ransom demands can be overwhelming with more than 14 countries recording cases of $25,000,000 or more in recent years. While kidnappers usually settle for between 10 and 20 percent of the demand, in certain territories they refuse to negotiate and use excessive violence to achieve their aims.

Ransom Insurance Outcomes Most kidnappings are carried out in order to obtain a ransom, and in most cases, a ransom is paid. Rescues are rare, largely because the authorities in most countries recognise that the safety of the victim is paramount. Kidnappings can occur anywhere.

Our Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Solution – Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance
Our insurer understands the unique challenges expatriates face when living abroad. Our Kidnap & Ransom coverage offers confidential protection should the need arise. This insurance will provide assistance to the family and employer, including independent investigations, negotiations, arrangement and delivery of funds, and numerous other services vital to a safe, speedy and satisfactory resolution.

Our Kidnap and Ransom Policy Covers:

• Ransom paid following a kidnap or threat to kill, injure or abduct
• Hijacking and extortion
• Wrongful detention
• Death or dismemberment
• Legal liability
• Crisis management team expenses
• Fees and expenses of an independent negotiator/public relations consultant

Global Kidnapping Hotspots

Wherever there is unrest or conflict there is the danger of K&R but these areas have seen the biggest increases in recent years:

  • Warzones (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen)
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Areas suffering from political or social unrest.

Standard Precautions should include:

  • Conducting risk assessment prior to travel
  • Registering with relevant Embassies overseas
  • Reviewing necessary safety precautions specific to the environment
  • Limiting the publication / knowledge of your travel plans
  • Keeping up to date with Foreign Office advice

Emergency Evacuation Insurance, Repatriation and Salary Continuation
In a world of political and financial uncertainty, it is important to understand and manage your organization\’s potential risks. Multinational organizations and their staff members face many unknown variables not present in the domestic market. One is the possibility that your organization could be evacuated due to unforeseen political events occurring in your host country.

What is Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation Insurance?
In the event of an accident or need for urgent medical attention overseas Emergency Evacuation Insurance provides you with the coverage necessary to transport you to the a capable medical facility in case a local medical center isn’t able to provide adequate treatment. Emergency Evacuation coverage insures you will be able to receive the best possible medical treatment.

What is Salary Continuation?
Our insurer offers a unique program designed for the international business community. Our Emergency Evacuation, Repatriation and Salary Continuation program was designed to protect international organizations and their staff from unforeseen financial consequences associated with the evacuation of personnel due to political instability or military confrontation.Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements

Global Life Cover –  Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

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