Apply now $250,000 with no medical
To $500,000 with simple medical declaration.


Apply now $250,000 with no medical
To $500,000 with simple medical declaration

No Exam Life Insurance for Working Overseas

– Our no exam life insurance is available ONLY to individuals living and working outside of their country of citizenship.

Life begins with birth and ends with death. It may not be a pleasant thought, but it happens the same way for everyone. In the meantime, you grow and make a life for yourself and your family. You and your family are one of a kind, and nothing will ever replace you. That’s why Global Life Cover steps in when you can’t.

Global Life Cover is a UK based broker advisor specializing in Life Insurance for those working abroad, in professions or locations which are often rejected or considered high risk by underwriters and insurers. We have provided Life Insurance quotes for clients in China, Russia, South America, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Middle East and other high risk environments across the developing world.

What is Global Expat Insurance?
According to BBC News reports, recent trends reveal that millions of citizens in the United Kingdom are finding work and living in another country, while retaining their citizenship in the UK as well as leaving a family behind to pay the mortgage and other bills in the primary bread winner’s absence. These people who choose to work abroad are called expatriates, expats for short. Often, their work called them overseas while they continue to be the major source of income for their families back home. Many left to serve their homeland through military work or for benefits that only come with accepting a job outside of their country. They are not immigrants looking for citizenship elsewhere, but hard-working heads of households who are proud to call the UK home.

With the steady paycheck and all the perks that come with working outside of the country, there is one potential downside: What if something were to happen to you while on foreign soil? Just the nature of being in an unfamiliar country adds to your risks, but some places are more dangerous than others. War-torn countries, or places in the Middle East, for instance, pose risks that ordinary living and working within the UK does not.Don’t take the risk, thinking you’re secure only to discover your expat status put you in a substantially risky status as far as life insurance is concerned. The result is often that while the family grieves, they are faced with expensive funeral costs and then not being able to afford their house payments, children’s school costs, and even forced into bankruptcy. Make sure they are able to maintain the level of living that you have worked hard to build for them.

Am I Covered for Life?
Don’t be caught off guard, thinking your typical life insurance policy is sufficient. Be confident that, when you need it most, you have the coverage your family needs. A typical life insurance policy has limits to what it is able to cover for the price of your premium.

You may think you’re covered no matter the reason for death, but think again. If death occurs in a country where the Foreign Office had issued travel warning, or if your death is the result of war or in a region of political unrest, you are most likely not covered under your current domestic policy. It is important to secure the appropriate life insurance coverage a few months before you leave the country as an expat.
We provide global term life insurance for individuals who are living and working outside of their country of citizenship.

Designed to provide peace of mind and financial security should an untimely death occur, this insurance helps to:

• Provide a cash benefit immediately following death to designated beneficiaries
• Helps secure the financial stability of an insured’s loved ones• Preserves your family’s standard of living
• Provides income to pay debts and taxes including inheritance tax• Provides income for educational purposes
• May be required to secure a mortgage or commercial loan

Military Coverage
UK Armed Forces are entitled to benefits that take care of death in service. According to the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency, the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme is calculated by a mathematical formula that multiplies the deceased’s salary at time of death by a number determined by his or her age, of which 60 percent is paid to the surviving dependent. This final payment amount is not always enough to cover mortgage or other expenses for the survivors. Though, there is sometimes a tax-free bereavement grant offered, all of the rest of the money is subject to being taxed.

Finding the Best Expat Insurance Carriers
First look into residency conditions of your existing life insurance policy to determine whether or not you need a special Expat policy. Many traditional providers require specifics such as living in the UK for six months out of the year. If you wait and try to get coverage from a provider in the foreign country, other frustrations occur, such as not understanding the language well enough to read through legal clauses or larger companies refusing to work with an individual. Expat Global Life Cover provides what you need for your work out-of-the-country situation to offer you the comprehensive coverage you desire and understand, by working with several different companies available through Global Life Cover. Many of these companies use Lloyds of London to underwrite their policies, so you are able to secure insurance under UK terms.

Consider the Costs
The investment in insurance through Global Life Cover is worth far more than only peace of mind when you need it most. Consider, not only the expenses family members are left with in day-to-day living expenses, but also the hard-to-think-about reality of paying to transport the body back to the UK, ciphering through foreign paperwork to get the body released for transport back home, or the costs of traveling to another country to conduct a funeral.The cost of expat insurance is determined by similar factors that typical life insurance is based upon, taking into consideration age and overall health. Global Life Cover also considers the risks that go hand-in-hand with specific countries abroad as well as the type of work you perform while away.

Compare Companies and Save
When you compare prices side-by-side from the best insurance companies, you see for yourself which one is the best for you and are able to make an educated decision. We are a global life insurance broker who works with a host of insurance companies to offer you the most affordable coverage to meet your needs.

Coverage is available to:
• Individuals living and working outside of their country of citizenship
• Coverage limits up to 4 million US Dollars
• 1 to 10 year terms available
• Open to individuals between the ages of 18 to 65.
• Standard risk up to $500K

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