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Life Insurance for the over 60’s and beyond

Senior Life Insurance

We can provide instant life cover online, with no medical up to the age of 65.

Over 65 we look at every case individually. We can provide senior life insurance cover to people in their 70’s and even beyond that to age 100 depending on your circumstances

Age and wisdom often of go together, but sadly life insurance is not always included. This needn’t be the case, our insurers are very happy to underwrite people in their 70’s and sometimes even beyond, and don’t worry if you are on any medication, there’s no medical up to $500,000 of cover* Subject to terms and conditions of course.

Most medication these days is life extending and we ensure that this is taken into account by our insurers. Just because you have been refused Life Insurance by one insurance company doesn\’t necessarily mean that it is not possible to get life cover with our specialist underwriters.

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Senior Life Insurance

Cheaper Life Insurance for the over 60's, 70s and 80s Senior Life Insurance

Over 60?

Senior Life Insurance – Unlike many providers we can often provide cover for people in their 70’s, 80’s and even up to age 100 depending on your circumstances.

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