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Cheap Term Life Insurance – Impaired Health Life Insurance

Been Declined Life Insurance cover? What a doctor says and what an underwriter thinks are often poles apart, and as such many people are told by their doctor that they are doing really well only to find that their insurance company declines them for life insurance.

Things are thankfully changing and underwriters are going less by the book and more by how the individual is doing and their knowledge of the condition as opposed to the average of all individuals with that health problem. To make sure your health problem is given the best possible chance, let us talk to the underwriters for you.

Cheap term life insurance for impaired health

We cover conditions such as: asthma, diabetes, heart disease, prostate cancer, heart murmurs, crohn’s disease, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, mini stroke, prostate cancer and many forms of heart disease. If you have had heart bypass surgery it is still possible to get cover at a realistic price. we know the impaired risk life insurance companies, we understand the impaired risk life insurance companies underwriting and we know how to get you to the right life insurance company based on your own specific medical history.

Rated Premiums

Underwriting an application for life insurance is all about how much risk a company wants to take, and based on their terms and conditions they may decide to increase or rate the premium and in certain cases decline completely.

Many people think that this is the end of the story or that they are in imminent danger of dying.
This is not the case of all insurance companies, some work on industry average information, others work on their own information and the results can be surprising.Cheap Term Life Insurance

Last year we had a client with a long standing medical condition come to us as his business protection policy had a 100% increase in the premium, we were able to offer standard rates. Why? The company that offered standard rates were using their own mortality information which indicated that his particular condition did not pose any increase in his mortality, the existing insurer were using industry terms which thought otherwise. Get in touch if you think you need to review your Life Insurance.


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